Thursday, February 15, 2018

What to say today...

I don't know what makes me want to type now - it's 9:16 am in southern New England - a grey day...but not cold. Anyway, I'm here and will see what I am supposed to say this morning. maybe someone is up at this time and typing, too. But not to me, right? I know who you are. You are busy and don't want to bother with emails to someone you can't visit? Aw...I'm sorry you are the way you are. You would visit and move on to your next vacation. Now I don't like where this is going. There must be a red flag that is between us and our personalities or what our souls feel...there is a disconnect now that wasn't there many years ago. Why do I think of you so often? Oh well...go about your grass cutting and gardening and drinking and conversing with people - you like to be sociable...can't stay home for long - you get restless and have to keep on the move. So collect friends wherever you go and make the rounds again and revisit. Having a beer? Feet up with your tablet in hand? As long as you're true to yourself it's all good.
I believe that for myself...I would be my self if I didn't move and be in this world if I weren't being true to myself all the time. Nothing wrong with us being different from each other as long as we're being us. We just get disappointed when the us we are don't jive! :) Can't erase the past, though, and it came back. Now it's inside me more to the forefront since last May. Enjoy your travels and I'll enjoy my home and animals...and my painting and art friends. You take care. Maybe you'll lose your mind and write an email again sometime. I'll write back...a lot can happen at our age...maybe we will meet again. If not here, maybe in our next lifetime or in the next world that lies behind the veil. 

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