Friday, February 2, 2018

Facebook and Other Nonsense

Yup, up again when I should be asleep.
I just checked Facebook. What a sad state of affairs that is now. It was slowing down but they changed who sees your timeline and boy, it has made a difference! I had a few loyal just left FB and today I had only one friend commenting on my page.
If it weren't for the art group I joined I would have no reason to be on FB. And there isn't much interest on the art page. One woman who I sent an art card to posted on the online course page we're both on that someone else was the artist who painted it! What a kick in the gut! I made her aware of her mistake; she apologized and corrected it. There's definitely a clique there - so obvious. No wonder I stay by myself. I am very disillusioned with people. Sad.
I could say more - disappointment and disbelief is everywhere. I could type a book! Maybe I should. But I'd have to publish it myself and then use social media to get it noticed if I want people to read it! (haha) So then it's back to FB and Twitter that I have been off for a long time and have no desire to go back. I think this may happen with FB, too, the way things are going. I'd be better off reading and watching TV. Writing to the night about nothing that matters anyway. I'm listening to CNN...a repeat of an earlier newscast. Aw...I just remembered that before I got up I was dreaming about Prince Harry!!! My husband and I were inside somewhere and Harry said a few words about the lawnmower my husband was moving to a lower floor. Harry bent over and picked up a heavy cover of some kind to help move it with him. What a nice guy. I made a kind of joke to make sure he gave Harry a reasonable tip! :)
I dream every night, vividly and in color! Often about people I know - dead and alive. Mostly I always dream of some sort of retail business I'm working at - that's what I've been doing for the last 20 years but gave it up a year ago.
It's amazing how I can write at length about nothing much at all. Like the Seinfeld series...a show about nothing - and it was a big hit and we can still watch repeats.
Guess that's all I have to say - eyes are wanting to close so I'll drink more water and try to get back to sleep. Yay for my stuffy nose - it's the only time, lately, that I bother with this blog! (ha)
Oh well, Nancy, OUT!!

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