Thursday, February 15, 2018

What to say today...

I don't know what makes me want to type now - it's 9:16 am in southern New England - a grey day...but not cold. Anyway, I'm here and will see what I am supposed to say this morning. maybe someone is up at this time and typing, too. But not to me, right? I know who you are. You are busy and don't want to bother with emails to someone you can't visit? Aw...I'm sorry you are the way you are. You would visit and move on to your next vacation. Now I don't like where this is going. There must be a red flag that is between us and our personalities or what our souls feel...there is a disconnect now that wasn't there many years ago. Why do I think of you so often? Oh well...go about your grass cutting and gardening and drinking and conversing with people - you like to be sociable...can't stay home for long - you get restless and have to keep on the move. So collect friends wherever you go and make the rounds again and revisit. Having a beer? Feet up with your tablet in hand? As long as you're true to yourself it's all good.
I believe that for myself...I would be my self if I didn't move and be in this world if I weren't being true to myself all the time. Nothing wrong with us being different from each other as long as we're being us. We just get disappointed when the us we are don't jive! :) Can't erase the past, though, and it came back. Now it's inside me more to the forefront since last May. Enjoy your travels and I'll enjoy my home and animals...and my painting and art friends. You take care. Maybe you'll lose your mind and write an email again sometime. I'll write back...a lot can happen at our age...maybe we will meet again. If not here, maybe in our next lifetime or in the next world that lies behind the veil. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Facebook and Other Nonsense

Yup, up again when I should be asleep.
I just checked Facebook. What a sad state of affairs that is now. It was slowing down but they changed who sees your timeline and boy, it has made a difference! I had a few loyal just left FB and today I had only one friend commenting on my page.
If it weren't for the art group I joined I would have no reason to be on FB. And there isn't much interest on the art page. One woman who I sent an art card to posted on the online course page we're both on that someone else was the artist who painted it! What a kick in the gut! I made her aware of her mistake; she apologized and corrected it. There's definitely a clique there - so obvious. No wonder I stay by myself. I am very disillusioned with people. Sad.
I could say more - disappointment and disbelief is everywhere. I could type a book! Maybe I should. But I'd have to publish it myself and then use social media to get it noticed if I want people to read it! (haha) So then it's back to FB and Twitter that I have been off for a long time and have no desire to go back. I think this may happen with FB, too, the way things are going. I'd be better off reading and watching TV. Writing to the night about nothing that matters anyway. I'm listening to CNN...a repeat of an earlier newscast. Aw...I just remembered that before I got up I was dreaming about Prince Harry!!! My husband and I were inside somewhere and Harry said a few words about the lawnmower my husband was moving to a lower floor. Harry bent over and picked up a heavy cover of some kind to help move it with him. What a nice guy. I made a kind of joke to make sure he gave Harry a reasonable tip! :)
I dream every night, vividly and in color! Often about people I know - dead and alive. Mostly I always dream of some sort of retail business I'm working at - that's what I've been doing for the last 20 years but gave it up a year ago.
It's amazing how I can write at length about nothing much at all. Like the Seinfeld series...a show about nothing - and it was a big hit and we can still watch repeats.
Guess that's all I have to say - eyes are wanting to close so I'll drink more water and try to get back to sleep. Yay for my stuffy nose - it's the only time, lately, that I bother with this blog! (ha)
Oh well, Nancy, OUT!!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Just Up with a Stuffy Nose...again!

This is as good a place as any to write. There's no one around - no email - no anything on FB - and I can't sleep because my nose is stuffy...again! "Dolly" came out into the hall and looking for either the mouse or Miss Kitty or wonders why no one is around but me...but he sees me through the glass door and I spoke to him so he knows I'm still here. Miss Kitty left us Sunday - heartbreaking...always one after another in this house...I don't get a break from being caregiver to my cat families, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Love...and being loved back and being Dolly is laying in the hall facing her room with door open and no Miss Kitty - he's probably confused. 2 months ago it was his brother, Chloe, and this week it's Miss Kitty...not fair. Too much cancer taking animals' lives. Too much with bleeding issues...I've never seen this in my cats in the past.
I didn't know what I was going to write about - but looking at Facebook it was a friend's birthday on the home page so I replied with "Happy Birthday" and saw that this person was a member of an association I used to be a member of - the Association of Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) out of Virginia Beach. I was part of a local group that discussed Edgar Cayce and so became a member - I even had their books for sale when I started my first gift shop that became Steppingstones Gift & Specialty Shop. I loved that shop...became a new age shop in Chepachet until I got a $1000 electric bill due to an electric heater that ran all night one time...the landlord lived in Florida and it was tough luck on my part, so I closed. That was also the year we had BIG snow and the guys closed the Lamp Lighter Building I was in...other than that, I loved Steppingstones. :)
Getting back to the raised a red flag..."don't join anything." The famous last words of a guy in a TM group I was part of...I will always remember those words...every time I join something. :) Keep making that mistake, though, except now I think I will listen and will stop joining things. I have taken 2 online art courses back-to-back since Sept. 2016. I'm ready to pay another $497 for another 6-week course that I am now not going to take. I know the artist's style now and it's difficult. It's in oils. The smell bothers my eyes and my tray of cacti and succulents is in the way and only window I can put them I could set up in Miss Kitty's room and paint with my acrylics, which I may do, but the art style calls for oils and the expense is too much with the canvases and paints and brushes...and the FB group, well there are some nice ladies there and many have friended me on FB. But there seems to be a lack of reciprocation. Why is that always the case? Why am I supportive and reply on all the pretty paintings posted in the art group and come the page they friended me on...where'd they go? I don't even take a day off from posting on FB - mostly quotes and pretty images and animals/cats! It makes me happy. I need to change my ways...I love to give but when there are no responses...why did they friend me, then?
I do like that I'm reading more. I asked for a few books for Christmas...finished Shirley MacLaine's "Out on a Leash" - so loved it and so identified with it. Losing a beloved pet friend/family member is heartbreaking! The tears rushed down my face. Now I'm reading Oprah's "The Wisdom of Sundays." What a beautiful book - I watched her Super Soul Sunday shows and the book is page after page conversations with many, if not all the spiritual thinkers/authors in our time. I'll finish it soon. Last night I needed to start reading Joseph Prince's new book, "Live The Let-Go Life." I watch his half hour sermons - came upon him by chance surfing through channels a year or so ago...been following him (and Joel Osteen) ever since. As in anything, take what you want - believe what you believe and leave the rest. It seems to be the case with me...that's why it's right for me not to join anything because I don't agree 100% nor am I a fanatic about one particular thing. Anyway, I read until I wanted to go to bed. Now here I am still with a stuffy nose but writing here. It's better than waiting for a pen pal to respond to my last 5 emails! People...they are funny creatures...but not so funny. The planet would be better without humans. That's another blog post...I'm going back to bed. This blog stuff is a good outlet for me, though. I don't wait for responses nor do I need approval from anyone...I can say what I want. However, I have to watch what I share because anything I don't want stolen will not be posted. People still steal poetry, song lyrics, good quotes, and so because others take credit for what I have written in the past, I will just be like Kathleen Kelly in "You've Got Mail" and simply write about bouquets of sharpened pencils or write to the wind doesn't matter because I expect nothing from anyone. But I do love to write and so I will write. No one has to be on the receiving end here. :) Good rest of the AM here on the east coast!