Tuesday, November 21, 2017

A Slow Peaceful Road

That's life...sometimes the road is bumpy and bloody rough and sometimes it's smooth and peaceful. All you have to do is turn on Soundscapes (Music Choice) and turn off the answering machine  and have some peaceful alone time...like now. Listening to Joseph Prince and Caroline Myss CD's I love, too. Sometimes their voices make me doze off. (haha) You just have to find what makes your soul sing and do it, if you can. If you don't live alone you cherish the moments you have when your spouse is somewhere else. I have the morning to myself today - yay! :) So what better time to see what my mind wants to say here. I'll turn the keyboard over to my inner self now and see what happens.
Blessed are those who are flowing with peace and ride on the road to inner travels. Beauty shows itself in many shapes and colors and forms and always knows when a traveler is of good intention. This is a natural inner knowledge that is always there but seems to surface when conditions are right for soul to speak. This is the time when ideas that move you forward come to you...moments when you can see clearly and see what's inside people and friends - they cannot hide from their truth. Sometimes friends have to say, "no," to friends. They certainly know how to say it and now so do you. You know how you feel and have to make adjustments so you don't have to feel negative emotions continually. We all have our limits. My problem is I wait too long before I say, "no." It's not good for the other one who you give so freely to all the time...they get used to it and take you for granted. When you see that side of people it's time to change the way you do things. Being a "yes" person just makes you a doormat for people to use. Make them do for themselves or ask others for help rather than depending on one to be at their feet like a King's servant. (Maybe I'm starting to exaggerate, so I will close my post from my inner self and continue with my conscious thoughts.)
When I saw my type had changed after the first sentence I left it that way to make it clearer that the black type was me writing from my inner gut.
Always go to your gut when making decisions...as difficult as they may be sometimes, it will never steer you in the wrong direction. You will make wise decisions that are right for you. That's what it's all about...you!
More thoughts and inner callings another time...I am being called to have breakfast...my biological clock says so. :) May you all find your peace today as you journey through. On the other hand...sometimes bumpy roads are fun to ride on - why else do so many like amusement park rides? But then comes the time when you've had enough and know it's time to stop and travel back to ride on a smooth road. Enjoy your journey whatever your choices are.