Friday, October 27, 2017

A Bloody Rough Road - Resurrected

I'm feeling green this morning...I'll go with green. I'm definitely not blue because I have made a couple of choices when I should have been sleeping at 3 to 4am! And these are positive choices that came from negative and frustrating correspondence via email that I am not going to lose sleep over anymore...nope...decided to get rid of some things and dealing with people requiring email and sometimes speaking a different language. So I think I'll spread out and use this blog to vent or to post quotes, as I have been doing, and music and other videos...I will see how I feel on any given day. I resurrected A Bloody Rough Road because it has special meaning to me and as soon as it was back LIVE it made me feel like an old friend came back into my life! :) Being on Facebook, I'm used to posting things I like, mainly for myself, because my "FB friends" are elsewhere as they aren't on my page but 3-4 who check in regularly - not every day, but regularly. Used to have a lot more but then again I got real and let some go because we had nothing in common or found they were not the kind of people I want in my life...Facebook life or otherwise. So they're gone...I still post a few images and quotes and other kinds of beauty which my page is about - beauty and animals and whatever "I like." 
Like this new profile picture! :) I love to change profile and cover photos - they're a couple of things you can do when you need a change or when you get bored. So I think I forgot to add above that so with a lack of support on FB, I'm there for myself and this is like that...I'm talking to myself and if someone happens to come upon this blog then they are free to read what I have posted. There isn't much privacy on social media. And so I know that and have to draw lines to not expose people I'm writing about. (ha) (sigh) And so it goes. Much to say about nothing. I like not having to answer to people. I'm on my own own space...I can say what I want and let my thoughts appear in these symbols man has called letters in a language taught to me by my parents. I think I'll close here because darker thoughts are beginning to appear and I'm not going in that direction. Just the opposite - If I'm going to go negative, I'll begin negative. I started here on a positive note, letting go of things that cause frustration, and that's a positive thing, so I'll leave this post as is and have something to eat. After all, it is time for breakfast and I have done a lot already feeding and cleaning up after my animals, inside and out. (I feed the wild ones, too) Lots of walking back and forth and I just realized I haven't fed Miss Kitty yet...she's downstairs and waiting for me to open the shutters and get her fresh food and water. Then I'll have a bite to eat. You all have a nice day or afternoon or night...I may be the only one reading this and it makes me smile :) as I like being alone. I'm not depending on followers...I like my Sacred space - my corner of cyberspace. All is well. :)

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Distance or Silence

"Distance doesn't separate people...
silence does."  ~ Jeff Hood